Free Download Greenr WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Greenr WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

This WordPress theme has a custom background option which allows you to set the background color or image for your website as per your website requirements.
For example, you can use the blue color in the background if your website is related to water or sky.
This theme has a custom header feature, that’ll allow you to upload a title image in the header section.
Moreover, you can always customize & crop the header image at any time.
This WordPress template allows the site admin to set a custom navigation menu.
It is a complete menu management option which is perfect for taking control of your existing menu and allows you to turn it into a user-friendly, accessible and touch-ready menu with just a few clicks.
Feature image or post thumbnail is the best way to depict your post/page via image.
This WordPress template enables you to add thumbnail with different size options (medium, medium-large, large & full) which can be opted as per the page requirement.
This WordPress template includes a left sidebar feature which usually contains widgets that an administrator of the site can customize.
Using this, you can display information other than the main content of the web page like photo gallery, recent posts, search option, etc.
This theme comes with post format feature to create any website with modular & flexible design.
It allows users to showcase post related to the formats & provides multiple post formats.
For instance, gallery post formats enable you to attach various images on post & pages.
This theme has a sidebar widget, which helps you compose and manage your menu options for the website.
You can add different menu sections to show the information like comments list & recent blog posts of your site.
With this theme, you can set a sticky post to distinguish the important information in all kinds of professional as well as regular websites, by pinning down specific posts on top of the corresponding archive pages.
This WordPress theme gives the flexibility of powerful and detailed option panel for customizing your website as the way you want.
Additionally, you can use preset options and page settings to modify each web page.
Now, your users can directly reply to a specific comment instead of commenting globally.
This will definitely increase your visitor’s interest and overall page feedback as well as queries regarding.
A WordPress theme supports various languages for creating a beautiful website which supports different languages.
It’s best for branding your merchandise on the digital platform and get globally acknowledged.
You can make the best use of the two-column layout that you get with this theme.
The benefit of this format is that you can even display other items on your website with the main content.
Also, maintain a proper balance between the columns by customizing the dimensions

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