Free Download Boxed WP WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Boxed WP WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

This WordPress theme lets you easily create blogs on your website related to any topic like lifestyle, fashion, photography & so on.
Apart from that, you can also share blogs about your personal thoughts or experiences.
This WordPress theme has a custom background option which allows you to set the background color or image for your website as per your website requirements.
For example, you can use the blue color in the background if your website is related to water or sky.
In this WordPress theme, you can find a custom color functionality that supports the custom design of your website.
It helps you to choose from various color options for serving different website niches.
If you want to custom code your site header, then this theme could help you out.
As it allows you to perform almost all the customization possible for a header, regarding background, text, and images, etc.
This template also comes with the amazing custom navigation menu feature that allows admin to add any list of links anywhere into the site.
It can be linked to internal resources, like posts, pages, and archives, as well as links to external resources, like your social profiles pages.
Additionally, this WordPress theme allows you to do the entire product sale online.
You can use this template to develop eCommerce websites of different categories such as sports, technology, fashion, furniture, digitals goods, etc.
Additionally, this WordPress template allows you to set a featured image at the top section with various customization options.
You can display a custom image for posts and pages or even set thumbnails depicting unique features.
Besides, this WordPress theme helps you to set up the post thumbnail in the best possible way.
The effect of your feature image is actually quite far-reaching as it will be visible in your blog, RSS feed, social media promotion, etc.
once the post goes live.
With this WordPress template, you are allowed to set parameters to show a header of smaller as well as larger height.
This flexibility of the header design can be seen while scrolling.
Be extra cautious about the footer section and use widgets in this section.
Adding widgets will definitely ease up your work and give an amazing took to the website bottom.
Make your website stand out by displaying the content in full-width templates.
This template is solely created for highlighting the website’s essential data by covering the whole screen.
This WordPress theme has a simple but flexible default widget ready theme option known as left sidebar.
It adds new functionality into your website.
Using sidebar, you can include features such as a search bar, a list of recent posts, a custom menu, and much more on your pages.
The theme comes with the support of various microformats which gives rich snippets of your website by display additional details about pages in the results.
Subsequently, it improves the traffic of visitors on your website.
With this WordPress theme, you can ensure that your content is displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using by adding the one-column clean layout option for your webpages.
The highly customizable WordPress theme uses post formats feature to post or edit any page, post & any other specific part of the website.
It supports various post formats such as image, status, video, audio, & many more.
This theme comes with an amazing sidebar feature which facilitates the navigation of your website along with animated effects.
Also, you can show customized web menus, search bar, and blog sections.
The sticky post feature available on this WordPress theme, with which you can easily style & display elements on the top of your website to highlight the specific content for a smooth browsing.
Additionally, this WordPress theme gives a powerful admin panel which allows you to create a website with the live customization option & see the changes through preview.
At the same time, it includes various custom options like page layouts, multiple custom sidebars, etc.
Rise beyond the traditional commenting and follow threaded comments in your site.
This translation ready theme is for writing international blogging pages or any other kind of websites, where multilingual communication is needed.
Along with sleek & elegant web designs to attract more site-users.
This theme proffers a two-column layout that is an absolute choice for any business niche.
Reason being, you can efficiently display the content & other essentials such as a widget to display the latest/all posts in the sidebar

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