Free Download Didi Lite WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Didi Lite WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

With this theme, you can create a fully accessibility-ready website as it meets WordPress accessibility rules.
Thus, you will be able to provide complete convenience of your website to the visitors.
A perfect WordPress theme for writers and bloggers through which you can produce any kind of blogs on your blogging website such as personal or professional.
Further, you can design & style blogs anytime as per your requirements.
This theme comes with a custom background feature through which you can set either a single or multiple color background for your website.
Besides, you can also choose any image & easily set it as a background for your website.
This WordPress theme allows you to use the custom color option for personalizing the color selection while creating a website.
Moreover, it lets you add a gradient styled coloration pattern according to your choice.
If you want to design your site header on your own, then this theme could be an excellent solution.
As this theme provides several custom options, such as title image, text and color options.
Also, it renders a pre-designed header that is ready to use instantly for any site design.
Also, you can set many custom menus with this theme.
Therefore, if your theme includes more than one menu location, you can choose which custom menu to associate with each location.
You can also use custom menus in association with the custom menus widget.
With this template, you can add custom WordPress editor style to the admin area.
This is helpful because you do not have to wait for the content to be published to see the modifications that you were implementing.
In other words, this approach helps you to check the content, fonts, colors, etc.
in run time.
Feature image or post thumbnail is the best way to depict your post/page via image.
This WordPress template enables you to add thumbnail with different size options (medium, medium-large, large & full) which can be opted as per the page requirement.
The footer section is anything that you just can’t take for granted.
So here in this theme, you can use multiple widgets in the footer.
Grids are an effective way to display the content especially if you own a photography or portfolio site.
To ease your task, this WordPress theme comes with a beautiful grid layout that will easily blend in your website.
You can easily customize these grids & its color, size,etc.
This theme supports microformats.
The microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted frameworks like XML.
These are designed for humans first and machines second.
This WordPress template is an editorial theme which allows you to write news, articles and blog posts in the website with utmost comfort.

You can use this theme to publish news, blogs, etc onto your website.
This WordPress theme supports post formats feature that enables you to assign a different content styling for particular kinds of posts.
Namely, the quote post format is used to display a quotation in the content.
With this WordPress theme, a sidebar feature is integrated to provide you the facility of displaying your menu elements on webpages in a beautiful & professional manner.
Additionally, you can arrange your menu items without disturbing the original flow.
This theme provides multilingual writing support by incorporating the RTL feature.
It supports languages written in a right-to-left manner.
It increases the number of users on your website.
This theme comprises of a sticky post option to showcase the latest blog posts & new products cling on a top of your web pages.
Additionally, it will advise regularly your customers to check what’s upcoming.
Rise beyond the traditional commenting and follow threaded comments in your site.
This WordPress template proffers a 2-column layout to let you build an elegant website.
Here, you can add the elements of your own choice such as images, videos, etc.
to present them in a well-ordered manner.
Since the content is coherently arranged, it is likely that the audience will easily grasp whatever you want to convey

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