Free Download pRestro WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download pRestro WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

This is an ideal WordPress theme for writers who loves writing about different topics like fitness, lifestyle, photography or any latest news update.
Also, you can share blogs about your personal experiences and thoughts.
This WordPress theme supports custom background feature.
It enables you to set your own background for your website that perfectly meets your business demands.
For instance, you can set a brown color in your website background if you are in food or furniture related business.
This theme comes with its own menu locations and menu support.
But if you still want to add more custom navigation menus into your website, you can do this with the help of this theme very easily by using its custom navigation menu feature.
With this WordPress theme, you get an option to flaunt the feature image on the website.
Moreover, these thumbnails automatically become the visual representatives of the related posts that can easily catch sight of your audience.
The theme provides an attractive left sidebar option to display information that is not a part of the main content such as recent post, search option, ads, etc.
Also, you can add a one-column layout for the page section of your theme by using several page designers.
Meanwhile, this feature works beautifully with all other characteristics of a website.
This amazing WordPress theme comes with an integrated sidebar option, which is used for listing menus and meta description of the website.
It is usually placed on the right pan of layout, which can be re-adjusted to any section of the framework.
In this WordPress theme, you can stick any post in a top of the front page until new posts got published.
This feature supports only inbuilt posts & not for custom type posts.
Rise beyond the traditional commenting and follow threaded comments in your site.
A simple yet awesome WordPress theme which supports multiple languages on its platform.
Along with a great user interface to provide smooth interaction with users who don’t speak a common tongue.
This theme comes with an elegant two columns layout where you can display content on the website along with the sidebar.
In the sidebar, you can add the desired widgets as per your needs

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