Free Download Pleased WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Pleased WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

A perfect WordPress theme for writers and bloggers through which you can produce any kind of blogs on your blogging website such as personal or professional.
Further, you can design & style blogs anytime as per your requirements.
This WordPress theme has a custom background option which allows you to set the background color or image for your website as per your website requirements.
For example, you can use the blue color in the background if your website is related to water or sky.
This amazing WordPress theme comprises of custom color feature, to build an elegant design of your website.
So, this feature facilitates you to access the color settings and modify them in your website.
This theme enables you, to efficiently customize the theme header.
Here, you can upload images, change text or color in the header section.
You can use this WordPress theme to effortlessly add a unique image at the top of your website which will work as a website logo.
Also, this logo will be shown along with your website whenever users open a website.
Also, you can set many custom menus with this theme.
Therefore, if your theme includes more than one menu location, you can choose which custom menu to associate with each location.
You can also use custom menus in association with the custom menus widget.
It’s pretty annoying when you have to keep hitting the preview button every time you want to see how your WordPress post will look like.
But with this WordPress theme, you can easily modify the content and see it in real time using its editor style option.
This template will help you create an epitome of best entertainment platform for your online fans.
It is one of the highly recommended WordPress themes by professionals for creating websites for an event, conference, film studios, media channels, and much more.
With the custom header image option given in this WordPress theme, you can easily display thumbnails on the top section of the web page.
Such highlighted pictorial representation can entice individuals into reading your content, boost up the visual quality of blogs, and enhance social media sharing as well.
Feature image or post thumbnail is the best way to depict your post/page via image.
This WordPress template enables you to add thumbnail with different size options (medium, medium-large, large & full) which can be opted as per the page requirement.
This theme allows you to handpick widgets to add in the footer section of your site.
This will help you cover those linked pages which can cause a great influence on your site visitor.
For websites that have a lot of important and attractive content to display, a full-screen template is just the
pre-eminent choice.
It enables you to put forth the best content that covers the whole screen.
You can also customize the elements of the page with reference to your website.
Grid layout works best for the websites that collectively needs to display a lot of elements.
This theme is developed keeping the detailed divisions of a grid in mind that are customizable in terms of color, background, dimensions, etc.
In the left sidebar of this WordPress theme, you can display a short list of recent articles, recent comments, a list of pages, or popular articles, search option of your website.
This WordPress theme provides a dynamic sidebar feature.
It helps the users to navigate through the website without any trouble and it is very customizable, for example, you can add meta description of the site along with a search bar option.
Additionally, this WordPress theme gives a powerful admin panel which allows you to create a website with the live customization option & see the changes through preview.
At the same time, it includes various custom options like page layouts, multiple custom sidebars, etc.
Rise beyond the traditional commenting and follow threaded comments in your site.

Provide a professional look to your website by adding this three-column layout.
In this layout, you get to showcase the various combination of components like posts, images, sidebar, etc efficiently in well-defined columns.
This translation ready theme is for writing international blogging pages or any other kind of websites, where multilingual communication is needed.
Along with sleek & elegant web designs to attract more site-users.
This theme provides an intuitive two-column layout for your website.
You can use this template and create an amazing website that beautifully displays the content in perfect sections

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