Free Download Bakers Lite WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Bakers Lite WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

A WordPress theme that enables you to build either personal or professional blogs on your website conveniently.
Furthermore, you can construct blogs about any latest news update.
This WordPress theme allows you to easily modify the background of your website & set it as per your requirements with the help of custom background option.
Henceforth, it allows you to select any color combination or an image for the background of your website.
This amazing WordPress theme comprises of custom color feature, to build an elegant design of your website.
So, this feature facilitates you to access the color settings and modify them in your website.
Choosing a custom header is an exclusive feature and is not available in every theme.
Using this feature, you can customize the header background, text, images and the respective functionality in your web page.
This WordPress theme provides you a convenient custom logo feature.
It enables you to select any kind of image & easily add it as a logo with your website that perfectly reflects your business.
With this WordPress theme, you can easily set a custom menu, which usually serves as a navigation menu for your site.
The built-in WordPress menu feature allows you to set your own custom menus in place of your theme’s default menus.
You will be provided with WooCommerce functionality with this theme along with plenty of customization options that are easy to use for your business website.
For example – product categories, wishlist support, quick product search and a lot more.
Just like the name implies, the editor style in WordPress let you edit the styling of posts and content.
Now, this makes your life even simpler, as you can do every bit of modifications in run time without waiting for the post to go live.
An image that represents the content, mood, or theme of the web page is regarded as a featured image.
So if we go by this definition, you would surely need this WordPress theme as it lets you add up a featured image to make the site content more visual & professional.
For some, the food is not just any simple meal it much like an emotion.
So, here in this theme for food and drinks, you’ll get all necessary ingredients that you’ll need to perfectly make a web dish out of it.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature, and it provides drag and drop interface to create customized menu section.
Moreover, you can add multiple menus in your webpage for displaying different articles, comments, and search bar, etc.
In this WordPress theme, you can stick any post in a top of the front page until new posts got published.
This feature supports only inbuilt posts & not for custom type posts.
This theme benefits with advanced theme options by which you can give personalized look to the website.
In other words, you can customize many page elements like colors, fonts, logo, footer layout, title layout, and much more according to your website requirement.
You can efficiently create discussion in the comment sections using the threaded comment functionality of this template.
This functionality is the latest trend in solving the customer issues and getting feedbacks for your page content without any additional interface.
This theme proffers a two-column layout that is an absolute choice for any business niche.
Reason being, you can efficiently display the content & other essentials such as a widget to display the latest/all posts in the sidebar

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