Free Download Frindle WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Frindle WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

This WordPress theme allows you to generate both personal and business related blogs on your website.
Further, with this theme, you can make your website fully open source for peoples so that, they can share their opinions & views about your blogs in a comment section.
A simple & intuitive WordPress theme compatible with custom colors feature that allows you to change the color scheme of your website.
Also, the user can use their own colors for designing a website.
Choosing a custom header is an exclusive feature and is not available in every theme.
Using this feature, you can customize the header background, text, images and the respective functionality in your web page.
This WordPress theme provides a convenient feature which enables you to add a specific image on your website.
It will work as a signature logo for your website & will always emerge at the top of a website.
This theme allows you to add a custom menu option which is a list of common links that are usually displayed as the main navigation for your site.
The menu location can vary depending on your theme.
Also, you can add menu items like custom links, post, page, testimonials, etc.
It’s pretty annoying when you have to keep hitting the preview button every time you want to see how your WordPress post will look like.
But with this WordPress theme, you can easily modify the content and see it in real time using its editor style option.
The featured image section provided in this theme will help you represent your posts & pages through attractive images.
You can use different ways to exhibit the image like displaying it on the archive page, header, or above a post.
For a structured control mechanism widgets are mostly inserted in various sections of a website.
And here in this theme, you can add the widgets in the footer section.
This full-screen template conventionally uses the space for placing the elements on the website.
Furthermore, it is fully customizable to meet your website needs.
This WordPress theme is rich with semantic classes powered by dynamic functions and several useful microformats.
The microformats help to enrich your content and make it more visible and understandable for search engines.
The theme has a one column feature which lets you place your main posts in a single column with additional widgets, sidebars or tabs for navigation to other parts of the website.
This feature gives a fluid reading experience across all devices to the user.
Using this theme, you can add custom posts in your website from the post editor section.
It gives you more control over on posts & embeds video/audio files to the posts.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature which helps the site-user to efficiently navigate through your whole web content, by traversing through the menu option, and it can be repositioned to any section of your website.
This theme comprises of a sticky post option to showcase the latest blog posts & new products cling on a top of your web pages.
Additionally, it will advise regularly your customers to check what’s upcoming.
You get a two-column layout with this theme that helps in inserting additional elements to the webpage along with the main content.
For instance, you can add a sidebar along with the textual content(blog)

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