Free Download Ascendant WordPress Theme 2022

Free Download Ascendant WordPress Theme 2022 源码网站 第1张

This WordPress theme has a custom background option which allows you to set the background color or image for your website as per your website requirements.
For example, you can use the blue color in the background if your website is related to water or sky.
This WordPress theme provides custom menu feature that lets you design a colorful or attractive menu on your website using multiple inbuilt color options & also allow users to navigate through a whole website.
The featured image section provided in this theme will help you represent your posts & pages through attractive images.
You can use different ways to exhibit the image like displaying it on the archive page, header, or above a post.
This theme comes with a full-screen template that efficiently utilizes all the given spaces and displays the elements in the best possible way.
This minimalist theme option allows your content to shine without unnecessary clutter as it consists of one column feature for website layout.
It may include sidebars and many more helpful elements which provides fluid reading experience to your visitors.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature, and it provides drag and drop interface to create customized menu section.
Moreover, you can add multiple menus in your webpage for displaying different articles, comments, and search bar, etc.
The WordPress theme allows some sticky elements like social sharing buttons, company information and various types of forms, retained on the pages when users scroll down them on the website.
Not only this, but the theme also provides a robust theme options panel that gives you the freedom to customize each & every section of the theme with a user-friendly interface.
Using this theme, you can embed a threaded comment section in your post and pages.
Such type of comments can be nested 5 levels deeper.
Also, your users can reply to a particular comment directly which will then get indented underneath a parent comment.
A multi-language supported WordPress theme serves right for a number of websites.
For instance, it is a must-have feature for all trading websites, where a user can easily keep tracks on the international market.
Many designers are preferring two column layouts for the website as it facilitates the site owner to present the content in a systematic way.
Moreover, the visitor may find it more convenient to view well-organized components

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