Free Download Ultimate Member Instagram Addon v2.0.6

Users may link to their Instagram account and have the most recent 18 photographs shown on their profile with the Ultimate Member Instagram Addon.


Free Download Ultimate Member Instagram Addon v2.0.6 源码网站 第1张
Free Download Ultimate Member Instagram Addon v2.0.6 源码网站 第3张

Features: Ultimate Member Instagram Addon

  • Instagram users may link and disconnect from their accounts.
  • Shows the most recent 18 Instagram images.
  • On profile, photos are presented in a 32-square grid.
  • Control buttons on the left and right of the photo grid
  • When you click on a photo, it opens in a modal window.
  • Adds a button below the grid that links viewers to the user’s Instagram account.

Changelog: Ultimate Member Instagram Addon

= v2.0.6: January 28, 2020 =
* Fixed: Using Long-live Facebook token
* Fixed: JS initialization process of Instagram
* Fixed: CSS grid styles for Instagram Photos field

= v2.0.5: Nov 11, 2019 =
Added: support new Facebook API, because Instagram API is deprecated for new registered APPs
Added: Sanitize works for request variables
Added: esc_attr works to avoid XSS vulnerabilities
Added: ability to change templates in theme via universal method UM()->get_template()
Fixed: Instagram connexion
Fixed: Loading shortcodes and enqueue styles

Version 2.0.3
* Fixed: WP native AJAX handlers

Version 2.0.2
* Fixed: Instagram Disconnect

Version 2.0.1
* Added: Loading translation from "wp-content/linguistic communications/plugins/" managery

Version 2.0
* Fixed: Image criterion and thumbnail
* Tweak: UM2.0 compatibility

Version 1.0.3
* Tweak: Update EDD plugin updater library
* Added: filter 'um_instagram_callback_url' to modify the instagram callback url
* Added: English translation files
* Fixed: Instagram core requirements
* Fixed: Translation strings

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